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Seven Days Cleaning Service has been satisfying customers since 1992, employing Von Schrader "Dry Foam" soil extraction system since 1994. Seven Days Cleaning provides carpet and upholstery cleaning utilizing Von Schrader's patented "Dry Foam soil extraction system. Seven Days also provides office cleaning, new and used home cleaning, and janitroial services for both residential and commercial customers. Fully insured and all work is 100% quaranteed! Call for free estimate today!!!

How it Works

In a matter of a few hours, using the famous "Dry-Foam method (not gallons of water), we can revive your carpets beauty and freshness. no moisture goes through to the underside to damage the pile or backing. There is no odor and your carpet can be used the same day. The cylindrical brush shampoos down to the base of the carpet ( unlike rotary brushes which merely clean the serface), and vacuums the carpet dry.